During the Battle scenes, it is important to know your enemy, as it will help you get rid of them efficiently.
The metal creatures you encounter all have some recognizable features:


Most metal ceatures have an antenna which is usually easy to identify. With this device, they are able to communicate with other metal creatures in their neigbourhood. This way, your enemy is able to signal another metal creature to join the fight. So, if you are having trouble to destroy one enemy at a time, you better get rid of it's antenna fast before another enemy joins in.


Your enemies can use quite a large variety of weapons against you. Most common weapon is a simple gun. More advanced robots have rocket launchers, paralyzing gas-bombs and/or throwingnets. So, if you take the more sadistic approach in killing your enemy, you first knock out all of it's weapons, leaving it defenseless. You should keep in mind though, that a defenseless robot may choose to selfdestruct itself, which leaves you behind without any progress in skills.


The most crucial part of the Metal Creatures are their usually heavy armored bodies. These are the best protected parts of your enemy. They protect the core part of the robots. Therefore, destroying the body is crucial, as it will kill your enemy for good.

Eye Module

The eye module enables your enemy to see what you are doing (duh!). When it is destroyed, your enemy won't move away when you try to hit it, and it won't be able to accuratley aim at you.


Your enemies can have different methods of movement. There are enemies with Wheels, legs, tracked wheels, or even hovering enemies. Destroying it's movement will stop them from moving away for your bullets.